Here’s a Spring Break Fight To Get The Season Started

Turn the volume down before hitting play. Some douche-bag with a megaphone thinks it’s going to get him laid. Anyways, about the fight. It’s a decent little scuffle between young and old. I kind of wish everyone lost, the boats all sank, and this video was the only remaining bit of evidence. Actually, the guy who stuck up for the old man was a class act. After the original retaliation he takes a elbow cheap shot from the girl in the mix, and brushes it off once he sees where it came from.

Lake Havasu looks like a fun spring break destination huh? Maybe I’m getting too old for this kind of thing, but 100 islands in the form of boats, with meat-heads drinking beer on 99% of’em is not what I want to sign up for. It’d be bad enough for a group of guys to go there, but what about chics going? Or yer daughter or something? I’ve never been, so I can’t really say from experience but yea…no. A whole lot of NO. I’d rather stay on campus and fish among the women that stayed back than on this pond.

*How about the old man going for the hair pull move? Old timers doing the best they can.

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